Thursday, May 01, 2008

Norway. Fish calendar.

Norway takes first place the European countries with the largest fish catches. More than 40000 people find job in Norwegian fishing industry. The tradition of catching fish comes from Viking Age. Fish was always regarded as a healthy and satisfying source of protein and mineral salt. Countless types of fish live in the fishing grounds of the Norwegian sea water. And it is strange that coastal inhabitants have stood by the simpler method of preparing fish: boiling or baking fresh Norway fish. The flavor of a fresh fish is best complemented by vegetables.

Fish Calendar.

Which fish are available at which time of year?

  • Eel - January, April and December
  • Monk fish - -all year round
  • Sea bass - June through September
  • Whiting - January through April, August through December
  • Haddock - June through December
  • Gurnard - all year round
  • Salmon - January through April, October through December
  • Lemon sole - all year round
  • Pollack - all year round
  • Mackerel - February through November
  • Hake - June, September through December
  • Tuna - June through October
  • Red mullet - all year round
  • Norway pout - all year round
  • Turbot - March, July through December
  • Herring - January through February, July through December
  • Sole - may through December

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