Monday, February 26, 2007

Why to buy professional cook knives?

My friend Jon he is a chef in Italian restraint. He told me that 50 percent success in cooking (home cooking or professional) is sharp and very good knifes. Good knife costs more than 100 $ but we don't need knifes set for home cooking. It is enough one or two very good professional cook knifes. "Why to buy professional cook knives? They are so expensive" you'll ask. Because good professional cook knife is also called chef's knife is the versatile "workhorse" of knives for any types of cutting: meat with bones, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Try to cut tomato with ordinary knife and you'll see the difference. Made from the high carbon stainless steel and having forged construction expensive professional cook knife or any specific type of knife will serve you long. One more advantage is that it stays sharp longer. Keep your knife clean ( don't clean professional cook's knife in dishwasher they don't like it) and sharp and you'll enjoy cooking like me.

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home cook said...

I love the Wustoff Grand Prix knives and I have them. I like the weight of my knife and feel perfect when the knife in my hand.