Sunday, March 11, 2007

How to choose fresh meat.

how to choose fresh meat

It is desirable to buy meat in clean and "crowded shop" which has been authorized by the veterinary inspector.

Be convinced that on the meat you buy there is a press of veterinary supervision with precise data of the manufacturer and and expiry.

Chicken is a little bit pink but not red.

Beef and chicken should have a typical smell of fresh meat.

Beef should not be sticky.

The fresh beef has red color but without shine. If the piece of meat shines most likely that in it some chemicals have been added.

Dark edges on a piece of beef - the meat is dried.

The fresh beef should be elastic. If to press on it with fingers the finger sign should disappear at once.

The defrozen meat, passed off the fresh meat, very easy to distinguish: The defrozen meat always wet (fresh always dry). And besides that on the defrozen meat can be dark spots which can appear during frosting.

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